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Eton's Unique Advantages:

  • Unparalleled Expertise: Founded by securities lawyers from top law schools / law firms and staffed with finance professionals trained by the Big Four and other prominent financial services firms, Eton brings intellectual and quantitative rigor unmatched by others.

  • Independence: Eton does not sell software. Its sole focus on valuation and valuation advisory ensures impartial, objective judgments, maintaining compliance with IRS regulations and safe harbor protection.

  • Proven Track Record: Since 2010, Eton has performed thousands of independent, audit-defensible valuations, establishing itself as a "go-to" valuation services firm for IRC 409A and ASC 718.

  • Tailored Approach: Our team of experienced experts uses a combination of proven methods and proprietary tools to deliver data-driven valuations, considering each company's financial performance, financing history, market trends, and comparable public and private companies.


Companies offering equity incentives, such as stock options, restricted stock, and profit interests grants, to employees face the critical challenge of ensuring compliance with IRC Section 409A of the U.S. tax code. The stakes are high, as equity-based compensation is vital for attracting and retaining top talent. Eton Venture Services specializes in IRC 409A / ASC 718 valuations, providing companies with accurate, impartial, and independent assessments of their common stock's Fair Market Value (FMV) for issuing equity incentives and Fair Value (FV) for financial reporting compliance.

​Scot Orn Startup CFO at Kruze Consulting

Scot Orn

Startup CFO at Kruze Consulting

As a firm, Kruze Consulting is extremely confident in introducing Eton to our clients for valuation work. Eton is super responsive, reasonably priced, and they take customer service to impressive levels. Eton is a great partner for us and the companies we work with!

​James Cox CEO at The Routing Company, Previously Uber & Canoo

James Cox

CEO at The Routing Company, Previously Uber & Canoo

I've seen a lot of 409As in my time at places like Uber, Canoo, and now The Routing Company. Eton is unquestionably leagues ahead of its competition. I've personally benefited from 5+ valuations performed by Eton. The Eton team's combination of legal background, experience working with boards of directors and all the audit firms is critical. I wouldn't waste a single moment working with anyone but Eton for valuation work.

​Jacob DeWitte Co-Founder, CEO at Oklo

Jacob DeWitte
Co-Founder, CEO at Oklo

Eton Venture Services has been a trusted partner for our company's valuation needs. Their deep industry knowledge, expertise, and comprehensive analyses have been instrumental in helping us make informed decisions with confidence. Eton has consistently demonstrated their dedication to client success since day one of our partnership. Their rigorous methodologies and industry knowledge have exceeded our expectations and instilled trust in their valuations, allowing us to focus on our core business. I look forward to our partnership and working with them on future valuation needs.

Why Choose Eton?


Eton's reputation for excellence is backed by industry leaders and their advisors:


Experience the Eton Difference


Don't leave your company's critical stock option, restricted stock, and profit interest grant valuations to chance with software driven models or inexperienced teams. Trust the experts at Eton Venture Services to deliver accurate, compliant, and independent valuations that protect your interests and help you retain top talent. Join the ranks of industry leaders who have benefited from Eton's exceptional client service and valuation assessments.

Eton's unparalleled service and expertise can deliver the valuation precision you or your business need

We’re Focused

We are experts at all types of valuations. We provide comprehensive, audit-defensible valuation services and advice to help privately held firms fulfill their regulatory and tax requirements. As an independent valuation provider without competing business lines, our work will withstand any safe harbor challenges.

We’re Human

Our valuation reports are more than just a spreadsheet. Every engagement is performed by our team of highly trained lawyers, accountants, and Chartered Financial Analysts. Every client works with a dedicated relationship manager who takes the time to understand their unique challenges. And every valuation is customized to each client’s unique financial situation.

We’re Better

We have thousands of valuations under our belt. Like most of the leading law, accounting and audit firms who call on us to help their clients, you can be confident in the valuations we deliver. Our reports offer the accuracy clients need to mitigate the risks of managing a private enterprise—and we produce them quickly and at a competitive price.

 Our Core Values

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Unparalleled Expertise in

409A Valuations

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