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Eton's unparalleled service and expertise can deliver the valuation precision you or your business need

We’re Focused

We are experts at all types of valuations. We provide comprehensive, audit-defensible valuation services and advice to help privately held firms fulfill their regulatory and tax requirements. As an independent valuation provider without competing business lines, our work will withstand any safe harbor challenges.

We’re Human

Our valuation reports are more than just a spreadsheet. Every engagement is performed by our team of highly trained lawyers, accountants, and Chartered Financial Analysts. Every client works with a dedicated relationship manager who takes the time to understand their unique challenges. And every valuation is customized to each client’s unique financial situation.

We’re Better

We have thousands of valuations under our belt. Like most of the leading law, accounting and audit firms who call on us to help their clients, you can be confident in the valuations we deliver. Our reports offer the accuracy clients need to mitigate the risks of managing a private enterprise—and we produce them quickly and at a competitive price.

 Our Core Values

m&a valuation


Bespoke M&A Valuation & Advisory Services by Eton: Trusted Support for Mid-Market Transactions


At Eton, our mission is to deliver exceptional valuation and valuation advisory services. Our team of highly skilled professionals, educated at the world's top universities and trained at the most prestigious firms, is dedicated to providing timely, accurate, and well-documented valuation analyses that comply with the highest industry standards. Our extensive experience enables us to navigate complex industry, market, and regulatory landscapes, offering third-party objectivity and delivering reliable, robust, and defensible valuations tailored to our clients' unique needs.


M&A transactions demand specialized expertise, swift execution, and a deep understanding of industry nuances. At Eton, we offer bespoke M&A valuation services to companies with revenues between $5M and $150M, empowering all constituents to make informed decisions and achieve optimal outcomes.

How can Eton help?


Eton Venture Services’ singular focus on valuation enables us to produce high-quality valuations that adhere to the highest industry standards. We perform hundreds of engagements annually under diverse time constraints, demonstrating our ability to deliver reliable, well-documented valuation analyses that mitigate risk and support optimal outcomes. By partnering with Eton, you can trust that our expertise, commitment to excellence, and client-centric approach will add significant value to your M&A endeavors.


Eton's M&A Related Services include:

  • Pre-Deal Valuation Analysis: Assess target companies, divisions, or assets to help determine appropriate bidding prices, negotiation strategies, and optimal structures while identifying potential risks and synergies.


  • Quality of Earnings Analysis: Evaluate the sustainability and quality of a target company's earnings, providing insights into its financial health and potential for future growth.


  • Deal Structuring and Financing Support: Advise on optimal deal structures, including debt and equity financing options, tax implications, and other financial considerations.


  • Financial Modeling and Projections: Develop detailed financial models and projections to evaluate potential performance of the combined entity, estimate synergies, and analyze various deal scenarios.


  • Purchase Price Allocation (PPA): Perform fair value assessments of tangible and intangible assets acquired in a business combination, ensuring compliance with financial reporting standards.


  • Goodwill Impairment Testing: Assist clients in conducting annual goodwill impairment tests to determine if any write-downs are required, adhering to relevant accounting standards.


  • Intellectual Property and Intangible Asset Valuation: Appraise intellectual property assets, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, licenses, and customer lists, which are critical components of many M&A transactions.


  • Transaction Opinions: Provide independent fairness opinions to boards of directors, ensuring that proposed transactions are fair to shareholders from a financial perspective.


  • M&A Deal Advisory: Offer guidance and support throughout the M&A process, from due diligence and deal negotiation to closing and post-transaction integration, addressing both financial and strategic aspects.


  • Litigation Support: Provide expert valuation and financial analysis services for M&A-related litigation, including purchase price disputes, earnout disputes, and breach of contract claims.

Why Choose Eton?


Eton's commitment to excellence is endorsed by industry leaders and their advisors:

​David Shuman  Founder, Northwoods Capital Management

David Shuman

Founder, Northwoods Capital Management

As an investor in early-stage technology companies, I know that proper valuation is critical for a company's success. Eton Venture Services has been an essential partner for the companies in which I invest, providing comprehensive and reliable valuations that comply with relevant standards. Their deep industry knowledge and ability to navigate complex situations have been instrumental in helping these companies make informed decisions with confidence. Their commitment to exceptional service and responsiveness to our specific needs have been invaluable in maintaining compliance, mitigating risk, and getting it done right. Eton sets the benchmark for valuation services, and I highly recommend them to any company / investor in need of expert and reliable valuation services.

​Bliss Brazil Chief Financial Officer at Healthcare Highways, Inc.

Bliss Brazil

Chief Financial Officer at Healthcare Highways, Inc.

I cannot thank Eton enough for delivering our business enterprise valuation so quickly. We had initially hired a different firm, who didn’t make any progress in three months. Eton provided a thorough and accurate report in five business days. They were amazing to work with, and I will refer them to everyone I know. I am so thankful for Chris and the entire Eton team.

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