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Eton's unparalleled service and expertise can deliver the valuation precision you or your business need

We’re Focused

We are experts at all types of valuations. We provide comprehensive, audit-defensible valuation services and advice to help privately held firms fulfill their regulatory and tax requirements. As an independent valuation provider without competing business lines, our work will withstand any safe harbor challenges.

We’re Human

Our valuation reports are more than just a spreadsheet. Every engagement is performed by our team of highly trained lawyers, accountants, and Chartered Financial Analysts. Every client works with a dedicated relationship manager who takes the time to understand their unique challenges. And every valuation is customized to each client’s unique financial situation.

We’re Better

We have thousands of valuations under our belt. Like most of the leading law, accounting and audit firms who call on us to help their clients, you can be confident in the valuations we deliver. Our reports offer the accuracy clients need to mitigate the risks of managing a private enterprise—and we produce them quickly and at a competitive price.

 Our Core Values

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Gift and Estate Tax Valuation Services by Eton Venture Services: Expertise, Compliance, and Confidence

Eton's Unique Advantages:

  • Unrivaled Expertise: Eton’s team includes professionals with experience in top-tier financial services firms, ensuring exceptional intellectual and quantitative rigor in gift and estate tax valuations.


  • Independence: Eton's singular focus on valuation and valuation advisory guarantees objective, unbiased assessments that meet the highest standards of accuracy and compliance with relevant tax laws and regulations.


  • Proven Success: Eton has completed numerous audit-defensible valuations for a diverse range of assets and interests, solidifying its position as a premier valuation services firm for gift and estate tax purposes.


  • Tailored Approach: Our seasoned professionals employ a combination of proven methodologies and industry insights to deliver data-driven valuations, considering each client's unique circumstances, asset types, and wealth transfer objectives.


Navigating the complexities of wealth transfer is vital for business owners, founders of technology companies, high-net-worth individuals, wealth advisors, and trust and estate lawyers. Eton Venture Services specializes in gift and estate tax valuations, offering in-depth, defensible valuations that adhere to established methodologies, IRS guidance, and adequate disclosure requirements of IRC § 6501(c)(9).

​Ross Lipson Co-Founder, CEO at Dutchie

Ross Lipson

Co-Founder, CEO at Dutchie

The team at Eton is fantastic! Those guys cut their teeth as securities lawyers at premier firms in Silicon Valley so no matter how complex a situation we have presented to them, they are quick on the uptake, and they quickly produce great work. Plus, I can talk to the founder of the firm by simply picking up the phone. Eton truly exceeds our expectations!

​Sanjay Desai  Co-founder/CEO, Mudflap

Sanjay Desai

Co-founder/CEO, Mudflap

Eton Venture Services has been a game-changer for our company. Their team's ability to efficiently handle complex financial situations with ease and professionalism is unmatched. I've had the pleasure of working with Eton on multiple valuations, and I can confidently say that their dedication to providing top-quality service is unparalleled. We'll never look elsewhere for our valuation needs!

Why Choose Eton?


Eton's commitment to excellence is endorsed by industry leaders and their advisors:


Experience the Eton Advantage


Trust your gift and estate tax valuations to the experts at Eton Venture Services, known for their accurate, compliant, and defensible valuations that safeguard your interests and ensure successful wealth transfer. Join the ranks of industry leaders who have experienced the benefits of Eton's exceptional client service and unparalleled valuation expertise.

Essential Gift and Estate Tax Valuation Scenarios:


  • Alternative investment valuation: Identifying and valuing alternative investment fund interests, carried interests in private equity, hedge, and venture funds, and various types of derivatives for gift and estate tax purposes.




  • Valuation for adequate disclosure: Preparing comprehensive, well-supported valuations that meet the adequate disclosure threshold of IRC § 6501(c)(9) to withstand IRS scrutiny and initiate the statute of limitations.

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