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Eton's unparalleled service and expertise can deliver the valuation precision you or your business need

We’re Focused

We are experts at all types of valuations. We provide comprehensive, audit-defensible valuation services and advice to help privately held firms fulfill their regulatory and tax requirements. As an independent valuation provider without competing business lines, our work will withstand any safe harbor challenges.

We’re Human

Our valuation reports are more than just a spreadsheet. Every engagement is performed by our team of highly trained lawyers, accountants, and Chartered Financial Analysts. Every client works with a dedicated relationship manager who takes the time to understand their unique challenges. And every valuation is customized to each client’s unique financial situation.

We’re Better

We have thousands of valuations under our belt. Like most of the leading law, accounting and audit firms who call on us to help their clients, you can be confident in the valuations we deliver. Our reports offer the accuracy clients need to mitigate the risks of managing a private enterprise—and we produce them quickly and at a competitive price.

 Our Core Values

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Maximize Your QSBS Gain Exclusion: Expert Valuation Services to Support Your Gain Exclusion

Understanding QSBS and IRC Section 1202 Requirements


The tax benefits of QSBS are significant, allowing eligible shareholders to exclude a portion of the gains realized from the sale of qualifying small business stock. One of several critical requirements for QSBS is the $50 Million Aggregate Gross Assets Cap. The issuing company's "aggregate gross assets" on an "adjusted basis" (i.e., tax basis) cannot exceed $50 million at any point in time before the issuance and immediately after the issuance. It's essential to note that the company's gross aggregate assets are valued at the time of the stock issuance, and the potential gain exemption on the gain from the sale of the stock is not affected if the company's aggregate gross assets exceed $50 million at some point in the future after issuance.


At Eton Venture Services, we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities associated with owning Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS). Our professional valuation services are designed to ensure compliance with IRC Section 1202 (IRC§1202) requirements while helping you maximize the potential tax benefits of QSBS ownership. With our deep industry knowledge, extensive experience, and commitment to excellence, we are the trusted partner for QSBS valuation services.

​Eugene Yi  Co-founder & CEO  Loci

Eugene Yi

Co-founder & CEO


As a startup founder, I have found Eton Venture Services to be an essential partner in helping me navigate the complexities of valuation. Their team's expertise and deep industry knowledge have enabled them to provide me with clear and comprehensive analyses that are crucial in making informed decisions for my company's future. They work closely with my team and advisors to ensure that all relevant standards are met and that our valuations are defensible. Their emphasis on documentation has been invaluable in mitigating risk and achieving the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Eton Venture Services to any startup founder in need of accurate and reliable valuation services.

​Dorrian Porter  Founder / CEO  Vestaboard, Inc.

Dorrian Porter

Founder / CEO

Vestaboard, Inc.

As a founder / CEO dealing with complex tax compliance valuation matters, I turned to Eton Venture Services for guidance. They played a critical role in our valuation project, providing expertise, deep industry knowledge, and comprehensive analyses on an aggressive timeline. Eton's commitment to exceptional service, responsiveness, and compliance sets a new standard. Their trustworthiness and personalized approach made them an invaluable partner in making sure that we comply with tax law. I highly recommend Eton Venture Services to any founder seeking accurate, reliable, and trustworthy valuations.

Why Choose Eton?


Eton's commitment to excellence is endorsed by industry leaders and their advisors:


Experience the Eton Advantage


At Eton Venture Services, we're committed to helping you fully leverage the benefits of IRC§1202 and unlock the true potential of your gain exemption. Entrust your company's crucial QSBS valuation to our experts, rather than relying on software-driven “form” models or inexperienced teams. Eton's accurate, compliant, and independent valuations safeguard your interests and ensure compliance and maximizing tax benefits. Join the ranks of industry leaders who have experienced the benefits of Eton's exceptional client service and valuation expertise.

Maximizing Opportunities with QSBS


Planning opportunities abound with QSBS. First, because the gross aggregate assets test is measured on a tax basis, it is possible that a corporation can be valued at well over $50 million but have a tax basis in its assets under the $50 million cap. Second, assets contributed to a corporation in exchange for stock are assessed at their fair market value when the company acquires the property.


QSBS is commonly thought of as the "up to $10 million gain exemption," but the potential exemption is the greater of up to (i) $10 million, or (ii) 10 times your cost basis. By strategically contributing assets to a corporation that qualifies for QSBS, you may qualify for up to 10x your basis in the stock issued by the corporation in exchange for your assets. This can significantly increase your potential gain exclusion.

The Importance of Professional Valuation Services


Obtaining a professional valuation plays a crucial role in substantiating your corporation’s QSBS status, enabling you to confidently claim the associated tax benefits. Our team at Eton Venture Services is well-versed in the intricacies of QSBS and is dedicated to providing accurate, defensible, and unbiased valuations that meet strict regulatory standards.


By engaging our reputable and experienced valuation firm, you ensure compliance and maximize the financial advantages available. Our proactive approach not only protects your investment but also creates a strong foundation for your company's future growth and success.

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